EB-Line is for those who are willing to abstain from some features in order to reduce the costs, or for those who want a reliable but basic system build upon 


EB-Line is a robust, simple but with high-quality line without “unnessessary” features. It is especiallay suited for those who want to convert an older boat without spending too much money.EB-Line is in its basic extent less complete than EC, all to give you as a customer more freedom.

Characteristics of EB-Line are:

  • Simpified system for those who prefer less information, features and possibilities.
  • Cheaper than EC-Line
  • Opportunity to buy an affordable upgrade package
 Characteristics:  High torque, low speed
 Type of motor:  DC-motor with brushes
 Kontinuerlig ineffekt  E10: 3,2 kW, E20: 5,2 kW
 Maximal ineffekt  E10: 4,8 kW, E20: 7,8 kW
 Kontinuerligt vridmoment  E10: 25 Nm, E20: 40 Nm
 Maximalt vridmoment  E10: 37 Nm, E20: 60 Nm
 Maximal statisk dragkraft  E10: 100 kp, E20: 180 kp
 Varvtal  1000 rpm
 Vikt Axel  E10: 25 kg, E20: 32 kg
 Vikt S-drev  E10: 38 kg, E20: 45 kg
 Spänning  24 V
 Kylning  Luft
 IP-klass  IP20
 Motsvarar dieselmotor  E10: 10 hk, E20: 20 hk



 Shaft coupling  
 Common Connection Box (CCB) system display included
 Speed control
 Motor with mounting  
Motor with sail drive  
 Shaft, complete package ●   
 Sail drive, complete package  
 Battery charger  ● 
 Shore power system
 Shaft bearing  
 Shaft seal  
 Propeller shaft  
 Propeller, fixed or folding
 Stern tube/Support ●   
 Other accessories, such as solar panels, by request ● 


✓ = Included

● = Accessory



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