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EC-Line has the same motor as EB-Line, but is a complete system which is also connected to STAR.

 Characteristics of EC-Line are:

  • More features available
  • Connected to Star
  • Borstade DC-Motorer
  • Automatic Over The Air software updates – Keep you and your boat updated
  • Scalable with new features and functions
  • More sophisticaded display
  • Shown information can be personalized
Characteristics  High torque, low speed
 Type of motor  DC-motor with brushes
 Continous input power E10: 3,2 kW, E20: 5,2 kW
 Maximum input power:  E10: 4,8 kW, E20: 7,8 kW
 Continous torque:  E10: 25 Nm, E20: 40 Nm
 Maximum torque:  E10: 37 Nm, E20: 60 Nm
 Maximum static thrust  E10: 100 kp, E20: 180 kp
 Speed:  1000 rpm
 Weight shaft  E10: 25 kg, E20: 32 kg
 Weight sail-drive  E10: 38 kg, E20: 45 kg
 Voltage  24 V
 Cooling  Air
 IP class  IP20
 Equivilent diesel engine  E10: 10 hk, E20: 20 hk



 EC-LINE COMPLETE SYSTEM Straight shaft Sail Drive
 Fixed propeller
 Shaft Bearing, Shaft Seal, Propeller Shaft, Shaft Coupling  
 Sail drive  
 Common Connection Box (CCB)
 Central Unit, incl antenna
 Speed control
 Basic system monitor
 Motor inkl mounting
 Battery charger
 All cables
 Shore power system
 Star, cloud service, incl updates and a phone application *
 EcoCharge ●  ● 
 Folding Propeller ● 
 Stern tube system ● 
 Other accessories upon request ● 


✓ = Ingår

● = Tillbehör

* = included for 2 years



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