P-Line Premium

When a more powerful and advanced motor is needed
GreenStar electric motor P30
P30 Sail Drive
P-Line is our Premium system aimed for those who want it even quieter, more efficient and a cutting edge system.
P-Line systems are based on a communication platform that not only provides a safe and easy-to-install system but also makes it better and better over time, due to our Star cloud service.

P-Line highlights

  • Strong and durable motor
  • Brushless AC Motors
  • Shaft or Sail drive
  • High efficiency
  • Lithium batteries integration
  • Star Cloud connection
 Characteristics  Vridstark och lågvarvig 
 Motor type  AC-motor, borstlös 
 Continuous input power  10 kW
 Maximum ineffect  20 kW
 Continuous torque  80 Nm
 Maximum torque  160Nm
 Maximum torque  300 kp
 Speed  1200 rpm
 Weight, Axel  30 kg
 Weight, Sail drive  43 kg
 Voltage  48 V
 Cooling  Air
 IP class  IP54
 Equivalent diesel motor  30 hk


 Fixed propeller
Shaft bearing, Shaft seal, Propeller shaft, Shaft coupling
Sail drive
 Common Connection Box (CCB)
 Central unit, incl antenna
 Speed control
 System display
 Motor incl mounting
 Battery charger
 Shore power system
 Star, Cloud service incl webilapp, software updates etc*
 Ecocharge, propeller charging ●  ● 
 Folding Propeller ● 
 Stern tube system ● 
 Other accessories, such as solar panels on request ● 


✓ = Included

● = Accessories

* = Included free of charge for 12 months. After this period, the subscription can either be extended or Star can be terminated, but the system otherwise works as usual.




Sail drive

Fixed propeller T
Shaft Bearing, Shaft Seal, Propeller Shaft T
Shaft Coupling
Common Connection Box (CCB)
Central unit, incl antenna
Speed control
System display √* √*
Motor incl mounting
Motor incl Sail drive
Battery charger T
Cabling T
Shore power system T
Star Cloud service web application
Ecocharge, propeller charging T T T T
Folding Propeller T T T T T
Stern tube system T T T T

Table explanation


√*  Simpler display

T  Accessories

Star Cloud service web application is included free of charge for 12 months. After this period, the subscription can be extended or terminated. 

Note when Star Cloud Service terminates, the drive system will continue to operate as specified. However, remote support will not work, nor will recurring software updates that provide more efficient control. 

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