Made in Gothenburg

Our well-tested and complete electric motor systems are dimensioned to deliver maximum power and operating time.

Technology overview

Our shaft systems are a further development of the traditional straight shaft systems and are in most cases directly compatible with them. The system provides easy installation and also better performance for engine running, propeller charging and sailing.
The thin and fine profile of the S-drive systems provides low water resistance. The attachment to the boat is very simple thanks to the gear’s integrated adapter plate which often fits directly on the boat’s existing foundations.
P30 Sail Drive

System components included in our system

1. Propeller
Manufactured and specially adapted for us by Flexofold. Prepared for our sacrificial anodes. Design optimized for both our shaft tubes and existing shaft tubes on the market.

Fixed propeller for motorboats and if you don’t want a folding propeller.

5. Shaft seal
Completely oil and fat free. Thanks to its low friction, it is durable and does not wear on the propeller shaft.
2. Sacrificial anode
Developed to fit perfectly on the propeller and thus minimally disrupt the flow of water.
6. Propeller shaft
Stainless steel 25 mm shaft. Standard length is 1.5 m.
3. Shaft bearing
Provides significantly lower friction than traditional shaft bearings. Withstands going dry on land for eg function check of the system before launching.
7. Shaft coupling
Provides a straight connection between engine and propeller shaft. Provides a secure connection between engine and propeller shaft through its through bolts.
4. Shaft tube
For total built-in propeller shafts or free-hanging shafts with fixed propeller.

For free-hanging propeller shafts with folding propellers. Hydrodynamic design makes the propeller more efficient when driving and charging, while lower towing resistance is obtained while sailing. The cone makes it more difficult for ropes and other things to get stuck in the propeller.

8. CCB
Common Connection Box - Gemensam anslutnigsbox för all el ombord

The entire boat’s connection center. Not only what has to do with the electric motor is connected here, but also the boat’s 12 V consumer, any solar panel, wind generator etc.

12. EcoCharge
Star Cloud Connection

Charging via the propeller when sailing. EcoCharge is activated on the System Display and is constantly optimized by the central unit.

16. Cabling
Kablage för GreenStar elmotorsystem

Flexible, durable, multi-wire and tinned neoprene cable.

9. Central unit
GreenStar Marine centralenhet för för båtens elmotorsystemet

The central unit is the brain of the system and handles all communication with the drive system, the batteries and Star cloud service.

13. Antenna
Antenn för GPS och 3G för GreenStar system elmotor båt

GPS and 4G antenna for communication with values, range data and more.

17. Batteries
Victor Litium batteri

Lithium from Victron, AGM or lead carbon. Type and number adapted to your needs.

10. Speed control
Fartreglage för GreenStar elmotor båt

Clear steps give control over energy consumption. Smooth recessed design makes the unit easy to place and well protected for blows, feet and hoops.

14. Motor
GreenStar elmotor E-20

Together with our cushioned motor mounts, our low-speed and torquey motors provide a powerful, quiet and comfortable ride that performs year after year.

11. System display
Display för GreenStars elmotor-system EC och P-linjerna

Our display is the way into the system. With a pin code, you unlock the engine and here you see your consumption, battery status, system information and more.

15. Battery charger

Charge your batteries correctly and safely without overloading the mains.