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Go electric at the next motor change

With GreenStar electric propulsion, you get an efficient inboard driveline with minimal maintenance and running costs. GreenStar’s complete electric motor system offers a silent energy source dimensioned to deliver maximum power and operating time.

Tiger and Julia are gearing up for sailing around the world with an adventure boat with electric propulsion

Idun is being renovated and is preparing for a world tour, or at least a trip to the Caribbean. When the old diesel engine is replaced with electric power from GreenStar Marine, extra storage space is freed up. Interview on TV4, 2 May 2021 (Swedish)

GSM Electric conducts a rights issue

We plan for an increased market presence Electric propulsion for boats has been developed and marketed under the brand GreenStar Marine for over 20 years. The founders were early on with the idea of converting diesel-powered boats to electric ones, perhaps they were a...

GSM Electric participates with investor presentation at ProHearings September 16 On Thursday, September 16, CFO Staffan Wogenius participated in ProHearings, for an investor presentation with time for moderated questions after the presentation (Swedish). 38 minutes.

How do you switch to an electric driveline?

Is your boat suitable for electric propulsion? How do you choose the right dimensions of propeller, engine, and battery pack? Here is how it works and what you need to think about.

Our systems


EB-Line: Our most basic system

Is in its basic design less extensive than EC- and P-Line. It’s for you who want the opportunity to experiment and complete your own system from a robust starting point

EC-Line: All-inclusive

Has the same engine as EB-Line, but with everything included. For those looking for a complete system from the propeller to the charging connector.

P-Line: P for Performance

Has the same electrical architecture as the EC-Line, but with a more powerful and advanced motor.

STAR connectivity

EC- and P-Line come with a connection that means increased security and control over the electric propulsion.