A newsletter from GSM Electric AB (publ)

After the new share issue in September last year, the board has been very clear: prepare for industrialization and outsource the main part of the production instead of it taking place in-house.

Furthermore, we prepare to market and sell our products as efficiently as possible through distributors in Europe. The plan is to prepare for volume production and effective marketing.

Documentation and new website

In the autumn of 2021, we focused our resources mainly on production by preparing documentation and reviewing drawings, as well as a large part on marketing with a new website.

We have changed our premises! That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for GSM Electric.

Our start-up under new management and moving from the workshop premises at Sockerbruket 7 to a well-adapted office at Sockerbruket 5 has meant a great improvement for our current operations.

Resource allocation 2021 vs 2022

Considerable time has been spent on administration in connection with the new share issue carried out in September 2021. In order to gain focus, further uplift is now needed: We see that administration and documentation work can be reduced, and more focus on sales is planned and prepared. As a result, more resources will be invested in production, marketing and sales.

Replacement shares

Previous shareholders in GreenStar Marine International AB have been offered replacement shares in GSM Electric AB and the majority have had their shares delivered. However, some have not responded to the offer, or provided incomplete delivery information. If you still haven’t received your shares, but are interested in replacement shares – contact us for completion and delivery.

Åsa Snaar
CEO GSM Electric AB (publ)